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Descriptions: Jel/Gel pou sere Vaginal/Bouboun. Wap finn fè toilèt ou epi pasel andedan bouboune ou. li fè avèk lalwa li vreman bon et li efika lap few vin jeun timoun anko garanti rezulta.

Firm and tighten vagina based on organic natural herbs, help restore vagina suppleness, permanently contract and reshape the virginal walls

Increase sexual intimacy and pleasure, help get rejuvenated and reach orgasms more often

Help eliminate vaginal dryness and unpleasant odor, restore lubrication.

Verification of FDA compliance. All Natural, 100% safe

Safety Information
Not suitable for pregnant female; Keep out of reach of children. Consult physician if having allergic symptoms against herbs. Suitable for users who have severe loose vagina symptom
Apply one full press of the pump on the tip of your finger. Insert and massage thoroughly into the vaginal walls. Lie down for 20 minutes. Amazing effects can be felt 2 hours after the first application. For best results, apply twice daily for at least 14 days. Use for 28 consecutive days to achieve satisfactory results. The advanced tightening gel was formulated with all natural ingredients, it will not cause yeast infections or UTIs.
Texture: Gel
Coloor: Clear
Item# BT220780K

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