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Bathmate Hercules penis pump ( Pre-oder)


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Read about it: 4-7 inches can use this. 4-7 santimet kapap utilizel. There's also a much large size in this selection for 7-9 inches. 
Gen youn nan pomp sa yo ki na selksyon sa ki pi gro pou moun ki mezure 7-9 santimet
The Bathmate comes in a variety of sizes and models and is a comfortable safe and natural way to increase your penis size in the shower or bath. In 15 to 20 minutes a day any of the Bathmate models will help you increase your penis size giving you a thicker, longer, stronger & BIGGER PENIS!  The best part is that with regular use, these are permanent size gains that you can enjoy for the rest of your sex life!
But that is not all! 
In addition to providing you with a larger penis, using your Bathmate for only 15 minutes a day helps you keep your penis in top health, leading to harder, longer lasting erections and increased sexual satisfaction: a real boost to your self esteem and sexual confidence.
The revolutionary Bathmate hydropump is unlike any conventional vacuum device ever invented. Designed to master the power of water, this revolutionary hydrotherapy system offers many health benefits as well.
As a result of extensive research Bathmate is now recommended for ALL men to use regularly as part of their health routine. 
Bathmate is designed for safety and is simple to use either in the shower or bath tub. It is made from high quality precision materials, has a 2-year manufacturers warranty that comes as standard and is considered virtually unbreakable for its intended use. See why millions of men Worldwide have benefited from using the Bathmate hydrotherapy workout system.
Bathmate Hercules- The Original Hydropump.
250% More efficient than  penis air pumps! Recommended for first time users. Bathmate Hercules is designed for men of average size. Introduced to the world over 8 years ago. Used by tens of thousands of men with a 95% success rate
An innovative pump that harnesses the natural suction created by water in your tub or shower to increase the strength, size and overall appearance of the penis, the Hercules has been endorsed by male sexual health experts, various men's health magazines, and many, many happy customers. 
Color: Red, Blue & Clear
Item#  BH8509K

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