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natural latex Material, Cincher shaper will be in direct contact with your skin, so it is very important to care about the material used during the manufacture process. our cincher is made of good quality and has passed the SGS certification test. Beware of those very cheaper sellers, cheap price means cheap quality          

1- Whether you want to look sexiest for a special event,
    or just want to be the most attractive babe on the block at all times

2- Great for correcting your posture.
3- Helps to trim, shape and curve waist instantly slims by up to three inches
4- Helps to lose weight by burning fat 4 ? 8 hours of daily use is recommended for maximum results
5- Reduced inches in your abdomen and your back
6- Great for reshaping post pregnancy tummy etc.
Recommendations:Instant Shaping, slimming, and flattening of the body, including stomach, waist, hips and back. Active underwear worn underneath any type of clothing (from body-tight fashions to loose/baggy fashion styles), Maintenance after a cosmetic procedure/plastic surgery (i.e.liposuction, tummy tuck, body lift, etc.), Body Enhancement.

Important Healthy Tip:As you may wear your body shaper garment everyday and/or frequently, it is a good idea to purchase 2 garments.Having two shapewear garments will enable you to always have a freshly clean garment.
Color; Black
Item# LW3959K




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