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Neverlye Body Cream is only to be used on the body not the face. It has ingredients which may irritate the face if used on the face.This 16fl oz bottle has natural cleansing agents to remove dirt, dry skin,buildups, fade old marks,fade stretch marks and most importantly give you a younger, healthier baby soft skin. Use the Neverlyebodycream daily for best results Active

Neverly Body Cream se pou ko seulman ou utilizel pou figiw, li gen ingredient ki ka irite/nui figiw. Li bon pou kras, po sèch,retire mark pitit pou ka gen belle po fèn/jeune.

Ingredients: DSP 10, Aloe Vera, Tee Tree Oil,Kojic Acid, Gluta Serum, Silicon Oil, Glycerin, Fade Oil, Alcohol-S, Triclosan,Carrot Oil, Citris Oil,Aqua, BHT, Lorol C20 Potatoe Cream, Potatoe Acid

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