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Neverlye Spot remover, use after cleansing the face with our “Neverlye Acne Bar” to remove spot from old pimple mark of the face and body. Make your pores smaller and soften up your skin. Use 2-3 times daily to affect areas with dark spot apply directly on old unwanted spots or marks allow your skin to absorb before applying again.

Nevelye Spot Remover, utilize aprè ou finn lave figiw avek “Neverlye Acne Bar” lan pou retire mark bouton nan figiw ak kow. Li minimize por/ti tou nan vizaj ou yo pou prevante lot bouton avek bacteria. Utilizel 2-3 fwa par jour Direkteman nan tout ti tach or ansyen mark ki sou pow yo, tann cream lan fown avanw aplikel anko.

Ingrediants:  Active Ingredients: Aloe Vera extract, Potatoe juice, Gluta serum, Kojic Acid,Collagen Zinc, Petroleum Jelly, glycerin Alpha Hydroxid Acid, Alcohol,Vitamin A&E, DSP Sun Protection

Item# NSR3535K

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